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Basic Tools and Resources for Fire Investigators: A Handbook

title picture Title: Basic Tools and Resources for Fire Investigators: A Handbook
Published: 1993
United States Fire Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency FA- 127, Emmitsburg, ML, USA
Format: 21,5 x 27,7 cm
Pages: 45

This Publication may be ordered free of charge from the United States Fire Administration.

The handbook is designed to serve as a compendium of basic information about the tools and techniques of fire investigation. The goal here is to provide a breadth of useful information in as concise and as accessible a package as possible. To do this, the scope has been limited to the tools and techniques associated with determining and verifying the origin and cause of accidental and incendiary fires. This is not a law enforcement procedures manual, information about surveillance, criminal identification, interview and interrogation procedures, insurance fraud, and procedures related to investigating other criminal activities often associated with arson are not described here. Information about presentation of fire-related evidence in criminal and civil trials is only discussed in the context of how it relates to the advantages and disadvantages of specific techniques.

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