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What you may expect from these pages and what not

This project was started end of september 1996

I try to give you pure information on these pages, so if you are hunting for some gadgets as fancy, funny looking, rotating graphics containing minimal up to no information, you might get disappointed by these pages. Because, as long as it is reality that the internet sometimes provides such fascinating transfer speeds around 50 cps, even if you personally own an ISDN equipment that allows tranferrates exceeding 6000 cps, personally I think these graphics serve only those service providers offering poor performance and charging you for the time you are online due to this poor performance. As long as this situation does not change, I will not add Java Script or Java stuff to these pages. Nevertheless, you will find pictures within these pages, especially in the fire causes section, as I think they are of a certain value. Sometimes pictures can't be replaced.

Though I've tried to publish the herein contained information as exact, certain and reliable as possible and the pages have thoroughly checked, I'm unable to guarantee the correctness of the information contained in these pages and you will use the information on your own risk. No warranty of whatever kind will be given.

If you find information contained in these pages to be wrong or misleading, please give me notice on this subject.

Tracking the revision dates at the bottom of every page you will see that these pages are continually under construction and are often supplemented, so you should pardon me for eventually arising inconveniencies or incompleteness of the supplied information.

Thanks for your patience reading this page, and if I couldn't keep you off loading these pages, go on and enjoy it...

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