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Fire Debris Analysis

title picture Title: Fire Debris Analysis
Authors: Eric Stauffer, Julia A. Dolan, Reta Newman
Published: 2008
Academic Press / Elsevier, Burlington, MA, USA
ISBN: 978-0-12-663971-1
Format: 19,6 x 25,2 cm
Pages: 652

Not the first book published, adressing the analysis of fire debris, but this book certainly belongs to the top league of books about fire investigation. The lecture of this book should be a must for every fire investigator or expert on fire causes. It's simply a pleasure to read this book as it is easily to recognize, that the primary intention of the authors is to impart sound knowledge. The book is as actual as a book ever can be. You do not need to be an analytical chemist to understand the contents of this book, as practically all you need to know is explained therein, assumed you are a seriouly interested professional in fire investigation.

Further, for some prosecutors and judges it is strongly recommended to read this book, or at least several chapters of it, to be able to fully understand the value of some 'evidence' sometimes presented to them by some so called 'experts'. But I'm afraid, that exactly those, who urgently need some of the presented knowledge, won't read this book at all.

Nevertheless, my thankful admiration goes to the authors, who finally wrote a book to which I can reference.

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