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Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction

title picture Title: Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction
Author: David J. Icove, John D. DeHaan
Published: 2004
Pearson Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, USA
ISBN: 0-13-094205-7
Format: 20,9 x 26,3 cm
Pages: 369

This book illustrates a totally new systematic approach for reconstructing fire scenes. The approach applies the principles of fire protection engineering along with forensic and behavioral science and uses actual fire cases to illustrate the concepts presented within the book. These examples shed a new insight into the forensic science, fire engineering, and human factor issues. Intended for use by fire and law enforcement investigators, prosecutors, and fire protection professionals.

Nevertheless there is a lack in the reproduction of photos, which are only printed in b&w. And the book doesn't offer to my opinion enough background information especially as it is intended for the use by fire investigtors and prosecutors.

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