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We have moved into the middle of nowhere and abandoned the lake of Constance.

We are now located in Wald, a little village between the upper Danube valley and the lake of Constance. No longer lake side view, no longer mountain view, but also no longer tourists, no longer heavy traffic and a lot more place for the office and more room to live and silence all around - country side at its best.

aerial lake side view of Immenstaad
Aerial lake side view of Immenstaad

The Lake of Constance is for the most part of its length the frontier between Germany and Switzerland, while a part of its south eastern lakeside belongs to Austria.

routemap of the Lake of Constance
The map width equals about 70 km.

Immenstaad is a mainly touristic village (at cavok weather conditions the snow covered tops of the swiss and austrian alpes can be seen from here), but has also an industrial part. Here is a part of the Daimler-Benz-Aerospace (DASA) located. This part of the DASA was formed from the former DORNIER enterprises, a well known aircraft manufacturer (DO-X a huge 12 engine marine aircraft, DORNIER Wal marine aircraft, DO 337 fastest piston engine powered propeller aircraft of the world, DO 27 utility aircraft, Alpha Jet a two jet engine sub sonic trainer aircraft developped and produced together with DASSAULT AVIATION, DO 228 commuter aircraft, and the recently developped pressurized 34-passenger cabin aircraft DO 328). The aviation part of DORNIER was closed down at Immenstaad in 1995 and transferred to München-Oberpfaffenhofen, where the company's air field and test flight center is located. Today DORNIER AVIATION is a part of the Fairchild Aviation Corporation. The spatial section of DORNIER is still alive and maintained by the DASA. It is known for the development and construction of satellites such as ROSAT, ERS 1, ERS 2 or ULYSSES. Next town to Immenstaad is:

Friedrichshafen, home town of the ZEPPELIN air ships. And their time has not come to an end at Lakehurst, a new ZEPPELIN is coming up. Decades after the inferno of Lakehurst, a lot smaller, a lot safer, but not a blimp. It's going to be a real ZEPPELIN.The first flights after the rollout of the ZEPPELIN NT were successful. The ZEPPELIN NT is now based on the Friedrichshafen airport.
Friedrichshafen is also the home town of ZF-transmissions found in many cars and trucks around the world and of MTU-diesel-engines which power a vast number of ships around the world. And last but not least the trade fairs at Friedrichshafen as the HAM-Radio, well known among all amateur radio operators of the world, and the AERO, one of Europe's greatest general aviation trade fairs, as well as the INTERBOOT, which presents a lot of recreational boats and ships and the related equipment.

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