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Fire investigation is a very specialized subject, though this is true, these pages have so far been accessed from many countries all around the world. This makes me shure that there is a certain interest in what I am publishing here. This also gives me a reason to continue this project. There are several books on the market for the english speaking world, but practically nothing for those speaking german. So the idea came up to publish a book about fire investigation in german. Further thoughts brought me to the conclusion that publishing a book about fire and explosion investigation in german language would never become a commercial success due to the tremendous cost of publishing a book. Supplementary this would have been an exclusion of all those experts working on fire investigation within the rest of the world to my publication, which would have hindered them to criticise and judge what I am publishing.

By that time internet techniques came up and were available to me. They made the first time low budget and high performance world wide publishing possible. I took the chance and started this non-profit project in mid september 1996. To give access to the most part of the world, I publish these pages in english. But I do certainly not forget the initial idea to publish something about fire investigation in german. So these pages appear actual in english and german, which degrades the progress of this project. For the future I plan to enhance this project by a french version, but at the moment I have no idea when I will find enough time to realize this.

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