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GMC MetraPort 3E GMC-Instruments was formed from the two german manufacturers Gossen and Metrawatt and the swiss manufacturer Camille Bauer. This enterprise produces high quality measurement equipment for mainly industrial purposes. Their product spectrum includes multipurpose measurement instruments, calibration instruments, power supplies, temperature measurement, light measurement, electric testers and tools. (Gossen is well known among photographers for their famous professional exposure meters.)

The instruments are generally of an excellent functionality and quality. Nevertheless it has to be mentioned, that some of their software products offered for some of those instruments have a badly need to be improved. I hope they are able to learn, and I hope they will learn quick. This is also true for their software upgrade policy.

GMC instruments logo

GMC SecuTest 701 S
GMC MetraHit 18 S GMC ProFiTest 0100 S

Ingenieurbüro Frank Markmann
Gottfried-Blum-Weg 4
D-88639 Wald

Phone: +49-(0)-7578-933141
Fax: +49-(0)-7545-933142

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