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Leica MZ12 Leica produces excellent stereo-zoom-microscopes. In the upper range of these zoom-microscopes there is the MZ12, which is shown in the picture.

We use this optical precision instument to our full satisfaction. It offers an enormous zoom range of 1:12,5, so that magnifications from 8 to 100 times may be achieved using the basic equipment consisting of the 1.0x Planachromat lens and two 10x eyepieces. A wide range of supplemental equipment is available for this type of microscope from Leica, so that you can for example attach your SLR-camera or a video camera to this instrument for documentation or demonstration purposes. By changing lenses and eyepieces a maximum magnification of 640 times may be achieved. The available lenses for this type of microscope are: 1.0x Planapochromat, 0.63x Planapochromat, 1.6x Planapochromat. Eyepieces with magnification factors of 10, 16, 25, and 40 are available. Photo eyepieces are available with magnification factors of 10 an 16.

The optional available Ergo-Tubus is an extraordinary enhancement, which makes it possible to have a view from a low point and under a wide adjustable angle, but this thing has its own price.

A mountable fluorescent light is also available for this microscope.

If you have the first time a stereo microscope to work with, you will possibly be disappointed, because you cannot use it. This is normal, as you need training to view correct through this instrument and it needs to be adapted to your personal conditions, this may take a certain time, but as you once made the adjustment and you are trained, it offers you fascinating views.

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