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Personal Fire Protection - Something to think over

Have you ever thought about your personal fire protection?

May be you did, but what was the result of these thoughts? Have you anything changed due to these thoughts? Or was your conclusion that a fire can never happen in your home, because you feel that your home is a safe place?

Due to my profession I met a lot of people that thought this way - before it happened to them.

Even most of my friends still think this way, some made their own experiences, some changed their behaviour, but most still believe, that nothing can happen to them.

Believe me, they are wrong, I've seen it several hundred times. It is a very hard experience to stand in the cold street, see your home burn, nothing in your hands, no money in your pockets, not even the key of your car is there, and all what is left is the clothes you are wearing, if you luckly have some on. And this is not the worst, as you are still alive and able to look at the scene.

Fires happen always there, where people believe, that fires only happen elsewhere.

Now enough of dark speculations, let's see what you can do, to make your and your familiys life more safe.

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