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Principles of Fire Investigation

title picture Title: Priciples of Fire Investigation
Author: Roy A. Cooke, L.L.B., F.I.Fire E. and Rodger H. Ide, B.Sc., C.Chem., M.R.S.C., C.Biol., M.I.Biol., M.I.FireE.
Published: 1985, reprinted 1992, 1995
Institution of Fire Engineers, Leicester LE1 7QB, U.K.
ISBN: 0 903345 07 2
Format: 15,4 x 21,7 cm
Pages: 405

An excellent book, written by professionals with a lot of experience. It is dedicated to those whose duties include the investigation of fires, particularly fire officers, police officers and forensic scientists. It includes elementary and more advanced material. Both authors are Home Office forensic scientists.

The book is clearly structured and explains the things in an understandable manner, so that most questions of the reader will be cleared. Where necessary, the text has been enhanced by black and white images and drawings as well as sketches of a very good quality. The price/performance ratio is excellent. This is one of the books that is an absolute must in every fire investigators bibliotheque, even if it is difficult to obtain.

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