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A Survey of Motor Vehicle Fire Causes

title picture Title: A Survey of Vehicle Fire Causes - A study of cause and origin in 233 vehicle fire cases
Author: Lee S. Cole
Published: 1988
Lee Books, Novato, CA, USA
ISBN: 0-939818-16-7
Format: 21,3 x 27,2 cm Pages: 123

Though the book has a certain age, it could have been an informative thing, but as the text often refers to the images and the image reproduction quality is very bad, the book looses most of its information. Supplementary the contents section refers only to the makes, not to the contained models of the diverse manufacturers.

The book does not match the quality of an other book by the same author, Investigation of Motorvehicle fires.

To my opinion there is no need to invest your money for it.

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